Monday, 25 February 2008

PHONE4PEACE - An appeal for Kenya 2008

Your money sent direct to where it is needed thanks to mobile phones and the Internet.
DUE to a tumultuous combination of tribal tensions, ethnic violence and post-electoral turmoil, Kenya is facing a crisis of horrific proportions. Amid this catastrophe, courageous Kenyans are refusing to be divided on tribal lines and are helping fellow Kenyans of all tribes. They are active locally and, crucially, they are using their phones for peace:
  • Advising victims of violence about where they can go for immediate help.
  • Helping displaced people to contact separated friends and family members and make plans together.
  • Spreading peaceful and accurate information to counter false rumours, hate mongering, fear and violence.
  • Informing agencies such as the Red Cross and security forces about local situations and needs.
  • Encouraging peace-making tribal elders who can exert a calming influence on youths who have already turned to violence.
  • Organising safe passage out of violent areas.
  • Using their telephone credits (airtime) as a form of emergency currency - exchanging it for food, medicines, fuel,whatever is needed locally.
  • Passing their phone credits down to other peace activists, who pass them down in their turn, in a "Pyramid of Peace".
  • Collaborating with each other, across tribal barriers, to create a movement for peace.
  • Providing entertainment, sports opportunities and other activities in the refugee camps.
  • Working towards development and long-term justice - recognising that poverty, oppression and lack of hope has contributed to the violence.
  • Providing swift accurate information to supporters outside of Kenya who are providing money for phone credits and more mobile phones.

This humanitarian aid and peace initiative grew spontaneously when the violence erupted. People inside and outside Kenya were already in contact face-to-face, by phone, and on the Internet. Existing bonds of friendship and trust have enabled people outside Kenya to send help as phone credits directly to where it is needed to start building their "Pyramid of Peace".

This is where we ask you to come in. Please join the initial group of friends to help these courageous Kenyans to extend their work for peace. CAWD (UK registered charity 1104228) is launching an appeal called Phone4Peace to support the Kenyan Pyramid of Peace activists.

You can donate to Phone4Peace in various ways:

Please pass on this information to anyone else you know who might be in a position to help. Your donation can help save lives in Kenya.

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Andrius Kulikauskas said...

Pamela, Lorraine, Nikki! This is fantastic! Thank you for applying your talents. You have presented our stories in a way that newcomers can understand. You are including new people in our work. I am very grateful to you. Thank you on behalf of all of our Kenyan peacemakers and all who hope and pray for peace.